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CompTIA Security+ SY0-401

The Security+ exam covers the most imperative foundational values for securing a network system and control risk. Access manage, identity management & cryptography are vital topics on the exam, also assortment of suitable mitigation & deterrent techniques to address network attacks & vulnerabilities. Security concerns connected with cloud computing, BYOD & SCADA are addressed in the SY0-401 exam.
Why Security+? Approved by U.S. Dept. of Defense to meet IA technical and management certification requirements
Chosen by professional staff at Hitachi Information Systems (Japan), Prestariang Systems Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and U.S. government contractors such as CSC, General
Dynamics and Northrop Grumman Updated every 3 years and part of the CompTIA Continuing Education program
Relevant Job Titles Security Engineer
Security Consultant
Network Administrator
IA Technician or Manager

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Question Number 1325:
A malicious individual used an unattended customer service kiosk in a busy store to
change the prices of several products. The alteration was not noticed until several days
later and resulted in the loss of several thousand dollars for the store. Which of the
following would BEST prevent this from occurring again?
A. Password expiration
B. Screen locks
C. Inventory control
D. Asset tracking
Answer: B

Question Number 1326:

Which of the following metrics is important for measuring the extent of data required during
backup and recovery?
Answer: C

Question Number 1327:

A developer needs to utilize AES encryption in an application but requires the speed of
encryption and decryption to be as fast as possible. The data that will be secured is not
sensitive so speed is valued over encryption complexity. Which of the following would
BEST satisfy these requirements?
A. AES with output feedback
B. AES with cipher feedback
C. AES with cipher block chaining
D. AES with counter mode
Answer: B

Question Number: 1328:

The chief Security Officer (CSO) has reported a rise in data loss but no break ins have
occurred. By doing which of the following is the CSO most likely to reduce the number of
A. Implement protected distribution
B. Empty additional firewalls
C. Conduct security awareness training
D. Install perimeter barricades
Answer: A

Question Number: 1329:

Which of the following techniques can be bypass a user or computer’s web browser privacy
settings? (Select Two)
A. SQL injection
B. Session hijacking
C. Cross-site scripting
D. Locally shared objects
E. LDAP injection
Answer: B,C

Question Number: 1330:

In order to enter a high-security datacenter, users are required to speak the password into
a voice recognition system. Ann a member if the sales department over hears the
password and upon speaks it into the system. The system denies her entry and alerts the
security team. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for her failure to enter the
data center?
A. An authentication factor
B. Discretionary access
C. Time of day restrictions
D. Least privilege restrictions
Answer: A


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SY0-401 | In the course of troubleshooting wireless issues from…

Question: 30

In the course of troubleshooting wireless issues from users a technician discovers that users are connecting to their home SSIDs which the technician scans but detects none of these SSIDs. The technician eventually discovers a rouge access point that spoofs any SSID request. Which of the following allows wireless use while mitigating this type of attack?

A. Configure the device to verify access point MAC addresses
B. Disable automatic connection to known SSIDs
C. Only connect to trusted wireless networks
D. Enable MAC filtering on the wireless access point

Answer: B

Sy0-401 | An attacker impersonates a fire marshal and demands…

Question: 34

An attacker impersonates a fire marshal and demands access to the datacenter under the threat of a fine. Which of the following reasons make this effective?
(Select two.)

A. Consensus
B. Authority
C. Intimidation
D. Trust
E. Scarcity

Answer: B,C

Sy0-401 | During a routine configuration audit…

Question: 28

During a routine configuration audit, a systems administrator determines that a former employee placed an executable on an application server. Once the system was isolated and diagnosed, it was determined that the executable was programmed to establish a connection to a malicious command and control server. Which of the following forms of malware is best described in the scenario?

A. Logic bomb
B. Rootkit
C. Back door
D. Ransomware

Answer: C

Sy0-401 | the inside to outside allow source any…

Question: 27

Given the following set of firewall rules:
From the inside to outside allow source any destination any port any From inside to dmz allow source any destination any port tcp-80 From inside to dmz allow source any destination any port tcp-443 Which of the following would prevent FTP traffic from reaching a server in the DMZ from the inside network?

A. Implicit deny
B. Policy routing
C. Port forwarding
D. Forwarding proxy

Answer: A

Sy0-401 | A company is rolling out a new….

Question: 26

A company is rolling out a new e-commerce website. The security analyst wants to reduce the risk of the new website being comprised by confirming that system patches are up to date, application hot fixes are current, and unneeded ports and services have been disabled. To do this, the security analyst will perform a:

A. Vulnerability assessment
B. White box test
C. Penetration test
D. Peer review

Answer: A

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Sy0-401|Establishing a method to erase

Question: 24

Establishing a method to erase or clear cluster tips is an example of securing which of the following?

A. Data in transit
B. Data at rest
C. Data in use
D. Data in motion

Answer: B

Sy0-401| a network administrator, has been asked to passively monitor network

Question: 23

Mike, a network administrator, has been asked to passively monitor network traffic to the company’s sales websites. Which of the following would be BEST suited for this task?

B. Firewall
D. Spam filter

Answer: C


Network-based intrusion prevention system (NIPS) monitors the entire network for suspicious traffic by analyzing protocol activity.

SY0-401|Which of the following attacks did the security consultant use?

Question: 22

A corporate wireless guest network uses an open SSID with a captive portal to authenticate guest users. Guests can obtain their portal password at the service desk. A security consultant alerts the administrator that the captive portal is easily bypassed, as long as one other wireless guest user is on the network. Which of the following attacks did the security consultant use?

A. ARP poisoning
B. DNS cache poisoning
C. MAC spoofing
D. Rouge DHCP server

Answer: C

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