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An administrator wants to enable policy based flexible mandatory access controls on an open source OS to prevent abnormal application modifications or executions. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this?

  1. Access control lists
  2. SELinux
  3. IPtables firewall
  4. HIPS

Answer: B


Company ABC’s SAN is nearing capacity, and will cause costly downtimes if servers run out disk space. Which of the following is a more cost effective alternative to

buying a new SAN?

  1. Enable multipath to increase availability
  2. Enable deduplication on the storage pools
  3. Implement snapshots to reduce virtual disk size
  4. Implement replication to offsite datacenter

Answer: B


A systems administrator establishes a CIFS share on a UNIX device to share data to Windows systems. The security authentication on the Windows domain is set to the highest level. Windows users are stating that they cannot authenticate to the UNIX share. Which of the following settings on the UNIX server would this problem?

  1. Refuse LM and only accept NTLMv2
  2. Accept only LM
  3. Refuse NTLMv2 and accept LM
  4. Accept only NTLM

Answer: A


A security architect is designing a new infrastructure using both type 1 and type 2 virtual machines. In addition to the normal complement of security controls (e.g. antivirus, host hardening, HIPS/NIDS) the security architect needs to implement a mechanism to securely store cryptographic keys used to sign code and code modules on the VMs. Which of the following will meet this goal without requiring any hardware pass-through implementations?

  1. vTPM
  2. HSM
  3. TPM
  4. INE

Answer: A

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