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Question No 1,

When a disaster recover plan is designed, a company should do which of the following?
A. Hire a records manager.
B. Move all of the records off site.
C. Consider the cost implementation.
D. Identify the vital records within the organization.

Answer: D

Question No 2,

The technician is required to implement a proof-of-concept for a proposed solution. Which
of the following would absolutely be included on the proof-of-concept document?
A. Final purchase price for the software
B. Software escrow agreement
C. Required items to be tested and proved
D. Purchase order terms and conditions

Answer: C

Question No 3,

When selecting a scanner, all of the following criteria need to be considered EXCEPT:
A. monthly duty cycle.
B. paper size.
C. simplex or duplex.
D. OCR throughput.

Answer: D

Question No 4,

During discovery phase interviews with key personnel, a previously unknown critical
document type is identified. What should the next step be?
A. Ignore the document type in order to avoid scope creep
B. Include the document type in the project scope
C. Document the discovery and complete a change order request form
D. Discuss alternatives to including the document type

Answer: B

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