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Question No 1,

An analyst has received unusual alerts on the SIEM dashboard. The analyst wants to get
payloads that the hackers are sending toward the target systems without impacting the
business operation. Which of the following should the analyst implement?
A. Honeypot
B. Jump box
C. Sandboxing
D. Virtualization

Answer: A

Question No 2,

An analyst wants to use a command line tool to identify open ports and running services on
a host along with the application that is associated with those services and port. Which of
the following should the analyst use?
A. Wireshark
B. Qualys
C. netstat
D. nmap
E. ping

Answer: C

Question No 3,

An incident response report indicates a virus was introduced through a remote host that
was connected to corporate resources. A cybersecurity analyst has been asked for a
recommendation to solve this issue. Which of the following should be applied?

Answer: C

Question No 4,

A reverse engineer was analyzing malware found on a retailer’s network and found code
extracting track data in memory. Which of the following threats did the engineer MOST
likely uncover?
A. POS malware
B. Rootkit
C. Key logger
D. Ransomware

Answer: A

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