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Any CompTIA Certification Exam that contains the suffix “ce” (stands for continuing education) is valid for about three years from the day you took the exam. It is only if the certification is restricted to one exam to complete if there are two exams as in A+ (220-901 & 220-902) Certification case, the second exam’s date will be considered the start of 3 years retirement period.
It should be noted that you will still be certified for the certification exam if you have passed the test regardless of the time CompTIA retired the exam. Your certification will still be valid for three years even if the exam was taken just a month before its retirement. For example, you took an exam, let’s just say in May and the exam retires in June you will still be certified for another 3 years to come even though all this time the exam will no longer exist in testing centers as it got replaced by the current version.
Following are some exam codes of the big 3 CompTIA Certifications with their launch & retirement dates:

CompTIA Exam Launch & Retirement Dates:

• The CompTIA A+ce – (220-901 & 220-902) Certification Exams retires after three years from their release date. They were launched on 15th December so will stay current till the start of 2019. The grace period offered by CompTIA makes it available till July 2019. You can get 220-901 Dumps from
• The CompTIA A+ce Core 1 and Core 2 (220-1001 & 220-1002) Certification Exams will launch in 2019 on 15th January so the exams retirement will be three years and grace period for six months. That becomes sometime near the summer of 2022.
• The CompTIA Network+ce N10-006 (pro) & JK0-023 (academic) Certification Exams were released in 2015 on 28th February. It eventually retired in 2018 on 31st August.
• The CompTIA Network+ce N10-007 (pro) Certification Exam was released this year in March and will be retired in the fall of 2021. If you want to pass your CompTIA N10-007 Exam then you can get Free CompTIA N10-007 Dumps from here:
• The CompTIA Security+ce SY0-401 & JK0-22 (academic) Certification Exams were launched in May of 2014. So they retired in 2018 on 31st July.
• The CompTIA Security+ce. SY0-501 Certification Exam was launched in 2017 on 4th October and will retire in the spring of 2021. If you want to pass your Sy0-501 Exam You can get CompTIA SY0-501 Dumps From here:
So there you have it the list of exams for the big 3 CompTIA certification that already has or is about to be retired in the near future.
Before 1st January 2011 any candidate who took and passed the exam was certified for life it was only after that time that the CompTIA issued three-year retirement policy and now candidates need to retake the same or equivalent exam to renew his/her certification.
Following is the certification order for the exams from lowest to highest established by CompTIA:
1. A+
2. Network+
3. Security+

3 Alternatives for Renewing Your CompTIA “Ce” Certification:

The first thing you can do is just simply retake the exam paying the whole fee. But let us tell you two more ways for the renewal of your CompTIA Certification Exams.
You can either fulfill the requirements of CompTIA “ce” Certification (this actually cost a tiny bit less than the first way) or if you have more than one certifications from the list above, you can just renew your highest certification and the other lower two will be renewed on their own.


At the beginning of the year CompTIA announced the acquisition of the Professional Association of Information Technology (AITP), promised to build a new organization – CompTIA AITP. Today, this work has come to an end.

With the official launch of the Association of IT Professionals CompTIA (AITP), organization and advocacy, it aims to attract new members and develop the workforce of the economy of the 21st century.

“The technological workforce in the United States is a national asset and we must grow and develop so that the next wave of technology – smart cities, IoT, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence – can reach their full potential, “Said Nancy Hammervik, vice president of industry relations with CompTIA. “This represents CompTIA AITP is an organization that helps technology workers from all walks of life and education to the workforce, develop their skills and succeed in their careers. ”

The new organization will help Americans navigate the way to a career technology, and does not depend on having a college degree. The national organization, which has chapters in 20 states, adopts a “CV retirement” approach to help technological jobs in their careers with a mix of online and in-person opportunities, said CompTIA AITP.

Here it shows how CompTIA AITP can help current and potential technological workers:

TechTalent driven by CompTIA will serve as a clearing house for technological jobs. According to the organization, hundreds of thousands of computer jobs are regularly emptied, including those who do not require a college degree. Unlike traditional search engines, TechTalent provides career path information, including specific job data, detailed data on market demand for particular skills and abilities and relates this information with individual career goals . TechTalent not only links users with job postings, but also educates them on specific skills as employers seek to fill those jobs and salaries they can hope to earn.

CompTIA AITP help employees develop their careers through networking. Connecting with peers and mentors is essential to help employees develop in their careers, such as access to a multitude of knowledge and industry trends. CompTIA AITP, in collaboration with Lynda offers AITP members access to more than 1,200 online courses to help improve leadership and entrepreneurship, from finance and project management to communication and customer base.

CompTIA The 20 chapters of the “cube” of AITP allow members to develop their personal networks, share and get information from their peers in their cities or regions, and get practical tutorial help. AITP plans to expand its locals.

Other advantages:

  • CompTIA certifications handed out and ongoing training for CompTIA AITP members.
  • For hiring managers and job seekers looking for real-time job data and better understand the labor market, Employment Press will help find jobs are in demand, where they are And what to pay.
  • Finally, CompTIA AITP members have access to a white papers portal, presentations and reports that provide updates on technical aspects, best practices and developments that shape the technology industry.

AITP CompTIA encourages stakeholders in the organization to become registered members. Four options are available: Student – Free for students enrolled in university courses; IT Professional (year 99 / $); Educators ($ 69 / year); And associated ($ 249 / year) – benefits vary by membership.


CompTIA will partner with the Foundation Elevacao to help students “field ready” for young people across the country ICT Explorers competition judges.

The contest, created by SAP, is designed to encourage high school students to create their best ICT projects. Students compete around Australia, launching its technology ideas to a panel of judges.

CompTIA association with Elevação involved creating an animated video, which gives students the training they need to perform in the competition. The objective is to help increase students’ confidence in the delivery of its release, showing them what to expect in the trial of the day and how they can provide a winning playground for judges.

The video was distributed to all students and schools participating in the competition and shared on social networks.

CompTIA supports this review Elevacao effort to elevate the position of students in the competition Young Explorers ICT by providing the resources they need to successfully launch, “said Jim Hamilton, vice president, members of CompTIA communities.

“This partnership also aligns closely with CompTIA efforts in Australia and New Zealand, which focus on the promotion of women in computing through programs such as Dream and IT skills development in the industry through the support ICT Young explorers. ”

Marisa Warren, CEO and founder Elevação, said: “Research tells us that only 3% of tech start-ups are founded by women, however, when funded, they provide 35% more performance investment firms are led by men.

“Elevacao exists to help more women starting and growing high-tech companies, regardless of their age or background, providing the confidence and skills needed to launch fund investors. Our goal is to find and train the next Atlassian- women founded “.

Smart phone software and the Internet cloud objects, professionals continue to communicate with us, and the connected computer.

CompTIA, the non-profit for the technology industry organization, today released a global thanks to the millions of information technology (IT) worldwide and encourages others to do the same for the IT Pro Week Rating 25 July the 29th July.

“The digital lifestyle that keeps us connected, informed and entertained not be possible without the technology professionals, who too often work behind the scenes and we realize when something goes wrong,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. “These are skilled craftsmen and women first class dedicated to his profession, committed to helping others and capable of great innovation and thought.”

Throughout the week CompTIA and his followers social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) will share why we love IT professionals using the hashtag #WeLoveITPros. In addition, the CompTIA web site will feature new content on advanced topics and themes, as well as contests and other surprises for the IT professional audience. Visit CompTIA IT Career.

IT professionals work daily in a global market of $ 38 trillion hardware, software, services and telecommunications. Thanks to the technology used pervasively by businesses of all types throughout the global economy, IT workers are found in almost every corner of the world. CompTIA This map shows the depth and breadth of the IT workforce in the United States.

“IT workers are helping their employers to use technology to its full potential, enabling them to improve productivity, operate more efficiently and innovate faster way,” the Chairman of Amy Kardel CompTIA administration said and co-founder of Clever crouches provider in San Luis Obispo, California. “We are excited and pleased to recognize the contributions of the IT pro community.”

There are many possibilities to join the community of IT professionals. In the US alone, there were about 655,000 technology jobs open across the country in Q2. With the continued growth of the industry, along with the impending retirement of workers of the baby boom generation, it is estimated to be a need for an additional 1.2 million new IT professionals over the next eight years.

With more than two million allocated certifications, CompTIA is the leading neutral skills certifications providers and education provider of IT-intensive hand the world. CompTIA IT certification four categories that test the different standards of knowledge, entry level expert in cloud computing, mobility, Linux, networking, security, storage, technical assistance and support, servers, management projects and other essential technologies for the mission.

CompTIA, the non-profit association for the technology industry, today announced the addition of two leading organizations as members of their state and local authorities and the Board of Education.Join the Council ShoreTel, a provider of cloud telephony solutions leader and hybrids local affairs and unified communications based; Rogers and Joseph O’Donnell, one of the largest law firms in government procurement in the country.

The state government and local authorities and training, a key element of the practice of public sector CompTIA, including executives from leading technology companies and other organizations in government service and the State and local education markets.

“With its strong presence in vertical markets of government and education, ShoreTel offers a level of experience and expertise in our state and local government and the Board of Education,” he said

Peter Kaminskas, vice president of member relations, CompTIA. “Members of the board are a source of knowledge to the members of CompTIA and the industry in general, provide advice and support on how to develop business opportunities in public procurement and education. ”

Rogers Joseph O’Donnell has been recognized as one of the eight attorneys government contracts law in the nation by Chambers USA, a publisher of guides to the legal profession since 1990.

“Public procurement has become increasingly difficult to navigate the market,” said Kaminskas. “Rogers Joseph O’Donnell brings a unique and valuable insight to our board. They are best known for their leadership in local procurement and IT and cybersecurity.”

The CompTIA State and Local Government and the Board of Education is engaged in several initiatives led by its members. In the board members in California and Texas, they formed procurement committees to create the best possible environment for the acquisition of successful IT and intervene in legislation and policies that help the government implement rules and regulations to improve the use of technology in these statements.

In collaboration with the National Association of State CIO and Grant Thornton, the Board publishes an annual survey of IT leaders state government current technology issues, trends and prospects. The 2016 report will be released later this year.

Council members are also active in conferences and industry events. The Council will participate in the National Association of the annual state of the technology conference in August; the National Association of the Annual Conference of the State CIO and Local Public Technology Institute Government CIO Summit in September 2016; and the National Association of leadership of the State Institute chief managers and management in October.

Almost three out of four organizations were experiencing at least one security breach or incident in the last year, with about 60 percent of violations classified as serious, according to a new report released today by CompTIA, the non-profit association benefit of the technology industry.



The report International trends in cyber security also reveals that organizations are changing policies and practices due to the increased use of mobile technology solutions and cloud computing security.

More than 1,500 business and technology executives in 12 countries were interviewed. The report includes data from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK).

“The importance of knowledge of cyber security and the provision continues to grow regardless of geography,” said Amy Carrado, director of research and market knowledge, CompTIA. “Our study found that 79 percent of companies that provide cyber security will become a higher priority in the next two years. ”

In all countries surveyed, 73 percent of organizations reported experiencing at least one security breach or incident in the last 12 months. Self-reported security breaches were more common in India (94 percent), Malaysia (89 percent), Brazil (87 percent), Mexico (87 percent) and Thailand (82 percent). Organizations in Japan (39 percent) and the UAE (40 percent), the subjective perception of the lowest percentages of cyber security incidents.

The percentage of security incidents related to mobile – as lost devices, mobile malware and phishing personal attacks or disable security features – was even higher: 76 percent in all 12 countries. mobile self-reported incidents in the highest percentages in Thailand (95 percent), India (92 percent) and Mexico (89 percent); and the lowest percentages in Japan (60 percent), the UAE (60 percent) and the UK (64 percent).

In 10 of 12 countries, changes in IT operations, either because of a greater reliance on mobile technology, the use of some other factor in cloud solutions or were listed as the best driver to change approaches to cybersecurity.

Organizations are taking steps to assess and improve the cyber security awareness among employees. These practices include orientation for new employees, training programs, online courses and random security audits.

However, so far the results have been mixed. Only 23 percent of organizations to assess their methods of education and training of cyber security as extremely effective. Make training mandatory staff, more training and more often delivered to combine training with tests and follow-up assessments are some measures that could improve the efficiency, the leaders said.

Almost all managers feel it is important to test after the training of cybersecurity to confirm knowledge gains (96 percent). Eight out of 10 indicate that professional certifications for IT workers are useful or very useful as a way to validate the knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity.

The global industry has experienced phenomenal 2015, with the end of the projection worldwide IDC year topping $ 3.7 trillion, representing $ 1 trillion. You want even better news? The latest edition of Outlook CompTIA IT Industry 2016 forecasts strong global growth trends continue, with another increase of 5 percent this year, pushing the global market of about $ 3.9 billion.

With a total IT spending all the time great confidence and the business is growing, industry projections seem quite positive. And there are many reasons to be optimistic about the canal side as well – at least for those who take business decisions and good investments.

In 2016, the US experience a number of important changes, including the selection of our next president. We also expect that a number of transitions in the channel. While the future is bright for those who position themselves as consultants and business partners about their customers, there are challenges ahead. Suppliers must be able to articulate the relevance of technology business and be prepared to offer, and earnings results are quantifiable. Members must know the details of the business from existing customers and be able to analyze overall performance. This is an excellent place to start.

Providers must also have relationships with managers and business line work, along with IT services, when there, to better understand the needs and goals of these organizations. A more proactive against the reactive or responsive relationship is the goal, with partners recommend solutions to its customers will need in the future to remain competitive.

Chain professionals today must focus on improving processes to their customers and help them develop critical business policies rather than simply recommending products or parts of their IT strategy. The game has certainly changed.

The challenge is that most partners are not comfortable taking the role of “business consulting”. Some have increased their level of personal trust with training and support, either through CompTIA or programs developed by its suppliers and distribution partners.

Other skilled professionals hired to add specializations or to improve your overall experience. With technology becomes crucial for business, they are asked more and more providers to research new products and technologies for its customers, seeking solutions that could make a demonstrative difference in the future. large volumes of data, mobility services and safety equipment all connections offer a number of advantages for end users, and solid business model for providers.

Now you have to ask yourself: Is my company ready, willing and able to assume these new responsibilities? We can offer customers support service and high level?

An example: computer security has become No. 1 job for VAR and MSP today. Beyond the application firewall and antivirus protection, partners who provide insight and training to minimize customer problems are gaining new customers. By taking advantage of the safety assessment and Assistant CyberSecure with customers, business customers position themselves as first line of defense.

I am very optimistic about the future of the channel. Innovation is everywhere, and businesses need trusted advisors to guide the design and implementation. As savvy end users today need help wading through the applications, infrastructure changes and additions, not to mention training. technological advances and complexity are good for the channel, but suppliers must be current and evolve with market needs.

Break and fix the product resale are not dead. It is still solid choice for some providers, but should be on the lookout for new competitors and the decrease in the margin continued to maintain that profitable business. Ultimately, VARs and MSPs simply have to be relevant to their current and potential customers. As the technology becomes more relevant to companies in a fast-paced environment, the partner will be more relevant as well.

For those who understand the business needs of its customers and provide appropriate solutions and support, the future is much brighter. Faced with this challenge?

I encourage you to participate with CompTIA and its members and our industry partners to make 2016 a very successful year. Based on all the research and knowledge, the future looks very bright chain. With so many ingenious people, an innovative and progressive so hard to advance our industry work, there is no doubt that this will be a great year.



About 700 current or former employees had information, including names, Social Security numbers and salary data compromised in the attack, according to the Los Angeles Times. Snapchat refused to confirm those details to The Washington Post or further comment beyond the blog.

[Talent Matters: As for the confidentiality of the data, do not underestimate the danger from within]

The incident highlights one of the biggest challenges for companies struggling to protect sensitive information: Even if your technique is security, your people can disappoint.

It is no secret that people make bad security decisions. Just look ridiculously bad passwords such as “123456” and “password” that appears on keeping data troves violated. However, companies are, of course, made up of people – people who can do the same kind of errors in the work they do in their personal digital life.

In fact, the “human element” was the cause of more than half of security breaches in 2015, according to a technology trade association CompTIA. However, the same report, based on surveys of hundreds of business leaders and US professional technology, suggests that companies may not be doing enough to prepare their workers for a new world scam could be in your inbox all the days.

[These are the worst passwords of 2015]

Despite the magnitude of the problem, only 30 percent of the rated “human factor” as a serious concern companies – and only 54 percent offered some training on cybersecurity, usually as part of the new address employee or a course annual update, according to the report.

For Snapchat is a good reason why it is important for businesses to think about their people as a key element keep your data safe. Just ask the social network, now working with the FBI to investigate the violation of the data and employees to provide two years of protection against identity theft for those affected.

“When something like this happens, all you can do is keep your mistake, take care of those affected, and learn from what went wrong,” the company said in the blog. “By doing well on this last point, we will redouble our rigorous training programs and on privacy and security in the coming weeks”.

Snapchat he had security problems in the past. There a few years, an error has left the user names and phone numbers of users exposed – and a group exploited to disclose information about 4.6 million account, apparently to highlight practical security company lax. But the last violation refers only to current and former employees, according to the blog.

Canal industrial Player CompTIA has members an update at a central London conference with the rest of the skills and human resources issues focus. Each year, the organization has to promote the channel to reach the speed of learning and is also in a long-term campaign to select more girls a career in IT.The last field,add a little attention to the support of retailers on the technical skills to acquire concentrated must for Sale in regulated sectors such as finance,government and the legal profession.

For many retailers the need to have a firm grasp on the rules it has has become a barrier to access and CompTIA to respond calls for its members to provide more support in this area.They break in regulated industries is one of the growth areas of core business for many companies,but it can be difficult to navigate for SMEs and cards due to the large number of regulations and compliance that have to be fulfilled,said Estelle John,director, member communities in the UK in CompTIA.

With the introduction of this initiative,we have responded quickly to our feedback and resources and meetings that make a big impact on businesses and markets to deliver fully exploit new members,he added.The organization is a forum for members,best practices and access to the resources themselves are cut into research partners agree to share.There will also be research in specific areas, starting with the financial and legal professionals to identify key trends and regulations.

Todd Thibodeaux,CEO of CompTIA,said he had found a real UK Canal optimism about the prospects for growth,and encourages more to catch up on cyber security because it was often a key element of customer requirements.The USA and Britain have been well aware for several years of Cyber,he added,would be a program of cyber security in the UK launches security 2016.Apart other areas of interest to members were in the area of ​​business transformation with the conference on topics such as the Internet of Things and cloud.

This idea about transformation being a one stop thin is wrong it is a continuation. If ten is the best and one is the worsty then you start by going from 1 to 2 first and then move up to three.You don’t go from 1 to 7 in one step because too many people are afraid. You need to show you can do it and then do it in your own channel business, he said.Thibodeaux said CompTIA increased its presence in the UK and has doubled its share over the past three years,and was receiving more attention from resellers and distributors.

We have doubled our membership in the past three years.Some who were born in the enterprise cloud, added visibility and brand awareness there so people start to know who we are.In addition to treating the primary needs of the channel,highlight the organization also offers certification and on this front,the update of its flagship next year A+ slow volume growth will come from people who want to take over the Security+ certification .



Job requirements and responsibilities of IT professionals are increasingly complicated, as organizations become electronic,according to new research from CompTIA.IT professional reassessment of their missions and the reorganization and prioritization of tasks,thanks to the wide range of newer technology options available organizations,says report CompTIA digital Organization Building.

The report provides insight into five main sections,including market overview,business model analysis,challenges,opportunities and qualitative interviews.The market overview includes the cloud and the role of mobility in the new era business technology.Cloud and mobility,including new technologies that make most of the sales growth expected in the IT industry and IT goal typical of building business systems inevitably more difficult ,because all options technology and more input from additional business units.

In the analysis of the business model,the report,the list of respondents as the main driver of IT in business decisions,it has a key role in the decision for the 80 percent of respondents.As for the challenges that they want, the selection and application of technology without involving the IT function is an important concern.In terms of opportunities,companies certainly see areas where there the principal owner of organization.

Businesses grow IT functions to infrastructure,integration,intelligence and innovation ,with intelligence and innovation are more strategic roads for the IT function to be In the part of qualitative interviews to the report, there were seven major findings of CompTIA discovered :

• Corporate IT’s power and influence is growing with multiple business leaders, not solely IT, having a say in IT’s direction.
• IT’s transformation into an internal service provider is still growing and will require several more years to mature.
• The shift from capex to opex with steadily even out.
• The security conversation is extending from not only device protection, but to total data protection.
• Mobile conversation is extending to the Internet of Things.
• Big Data is on the radar, but data-driven decisions are very limited.
• Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter.

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