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A class is working on a lab that requires them to follow lengthy instructions; the instructor recognizes the pace of the class has slowed significantly and wants to ensure that all objectives are covered. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Manage the course flow and achieve learning objectives by asking the class to shorten their breaks and possibly return after a dinner break.
B. Achieve learning objectives by demonstrating the lab to the class then have them complete the lab together.
C. Group all slow learners together and offer extra assistance; have the other learners do additional labs.
D. Manage the course flow and achieve learning objectives by making the lab into a contest awarding a prize for the first three to finish.

Answer: B

While an instructor is answering questions during a course it is BEST for them to:

A. Answer the learner’s questions by completely verifying their understanding of the subject.
B. Answer the question by referencing supporting documentation so the documents become tools.
C. Preface the answer with the learning objective and referenced section of the training course.
D. Create an open culture of information taken from every learner’s background and job experience.

Answer: B

Which of the following question types should an instructor typically avoid?

A. Viewpoint questions
B. Open-ended questions
C. Closed-ended questions
D. Run-on questions

Answer: D

A contract instructor has been hired to teach a course with twelve learners. After surveying the learners it is identified that half of the class is not familiar with the subject being taught. Which of the following should the instructor do to help the entire class achieve success?

A. Contact the training manager for suggestions on how to proceed.
B. Teach to the more experienced learners; the others will catch up.
C. Make the six learners that already know the material wait until the other learners catch up
D. Cancel the class and then divide the class into two difference courses.

Answer : A

An instructor wants to demonstrate a technical topic that requires a certain procedure. Which of the following is the BEST way to achieve this?

A. Have the learners brainstorm ideas on the topic.
B. Have the learners role play the topic.
C. Hold an open discussion on the topic.
D. Show the learners via a desktop sharing demonstration.

Answer : D

An instructor is preparing to start a class where several learners have arrived late due to bad weather. The general mood of the learners is poor. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this situation?

A. Use humor that will create a positive mood.
B. Tell the learners that the class will run late that day
C. Have the learners introduce themselves.
D. Proceed with the course material.

Answer : A

An instructor asks a question and a learner provides an incorrect answer that has nothing to do with the question asked. Which of the following is the BEST response?

A. Ask another learner to provide an answer to the question.
B. Repeat the question exactly as originally stated.
C. Rephrase the question completely and ask it again.
D. Reprimand the learner for their response.

Answer : A

An instructor is conducting a virtual class and finds that several learners do not have computer systems that actually meet the guidelines for the course. Due to this, certain required shared applications will not work for them. Which of the following represents the BEST action for the instructor?

A. Contact the course coordinator to remind learners of the requirements
B. Remove the sharing of applications as the entire class cannot participate.
C. Change the applications that are shared to ones that are compatible to all systems
D. Request the learners use systems that are compatible with the course.

Answer : D

While facilitating a class an instructor uses a variety of questioning techniques. Which of the following BEST describes the benefits?

A. Challenges learners, involves them and helps to monitor their progress.
B. Establishes an environment that supports learning, and maintains focus on meeting stated learning objectives
C. Facilitates group dynamics in a positive way, while encouraging respectful interactions.
D. Keeps the learners engaged as to what is coming next and conveys the importance of their knowledge.

Answer : A

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