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CompTIA CTT+ TK0-202

Two exams are essential to be certified: CompTIA CTT+ Essentials & at least one of the two designations: Classroom Trainer or Virtual Classroom Trainer. Students will require supplying a video or recording of their classroom or virtual classroom sessions./br> The exam covers planning previous to the course, methods & media for instructional delivery, instructor trustworthiness & communications, group facilitation& evaluating the training event.

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During a training course an instructor invites learners to discuss how the training will benefit them. Which of the following BEST describes the skill demonstrated?

A. Engage learners to obtain input about their personal objectives and expectations
B. Engage learners to communicate learner performance objectives as indicated by course design
C. Engage learners to get their acceptance of the required training objectives and expectations
D. Engage learners to determine their prerequisite knowledge of the training course

Answer: A

Which of the following statements BEST describes the value of using a variety of question types during instruction?

A. Regularly asking questions during a course helps to identify those that are paying attention.
B. Effective use of questions will enhance learners’ conceptual understanding; encourage deep thinking and meaningful participation.
C. Using a variety of questions during instruction prevents anyone in the group from becoming disinterested with the same question types.
D. Questions asked often during a course will keep learners engaged,it is not important if they do not know the correct answer.

Answer : B

An instructor is leading a virtual class when several learners start having significant bandwidth issues that cause them to drop out of the live session. Which of the following represents the BEST solution to the problem?

A. Inform the learners that most of the same material will be covered in the next class session.
B. Have the learners watch a recorded session of the class.
C. Request that those learners with bandwidth issues be moved to an in-person live class,
D. Cancel the current session and schedule a make-up class.

Answer : B

An instructor uses multiple forms of media to help the class understand a difficult topic.Unfortunately learners are still having a hard time with the concept. Noticing difficulty,the instructor creates another learning tool to explain the topic another way. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is using?

A. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion
B. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training
C. Adapt learning methods as intended by the course designers
D. Enhance, substitute or create media as appropriate

Answer : D

Learners are MOST likely to learn a skill successfully when a topic is presented:

A. In a cluster with other, similar skills
B. Just in time for the learner to apply it
C. As part of a summary of related skills
D. As part of a review session prior to an examination

Answer : B

At the beginning of a training session, a trainer instructed the learners to use Brand X computers because the instructional design assumes Brand X computers. Many learners objected. They felt that since they will be using Brand Y computers at work, they should work on Brand Y computers in the room. If the instructor needs to use Brand X computers to instruct, which of the following is the MOST appropriate way to respond to the learners’ need to be able to apply course materials to job requirements?

A. First explain to the class how the materials apply to Brand X. and then do the same for Brand
B. Do not mention either brand by name, but refer learners to the manual covering each of the respective brands.
C. Provide a guide that relates Brand X to Brand Y computer functions
D. After providing the planned instruction on the Brand X computers, discuss differences that Brand Y computers present to the user.

Answer : D

The Human Resources department is conducting a class for new employees when the air conditioning stops working. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?

A. Report the incident to the maintenance department
B. Tell the employees it is not unbearable and continue with the course
C. Cancel the class and reschedule the class for another time.
D. Continue on with the instruction ignoring the temperature issue.

Answer : A

An instructor has a class of learners who are required to attend. Most of the learners are not paying attention or participating. Which of the following will increase the level of learner motivation?

A. Explain to the learners that the material is really interesting and they might want to pay attention.
B. Ask the learners if there is something more relevant they would prefer to learn.
C. Explain to the learners the skills they learn by taking this class could lead to career benefits.
D. Explain to the learners that they are only in class for a few days, and to make the best of it.

Answer : C

A contract instructor has been hired to teach a course with twelve learners. After surveying the learners it is identified that half of the class is not familiar with the subject being taught. Which of the following should the instructor do to help the entire class achieve success?

A. Contact the training manager for suggestions on how to proceed.
B. Teach to the more experienced learners; the others will catch up.
C. Make the six learners that already know the material wait until the other learners catch up
D. Cancel the class and then divide the class into two difference courses.

Answer : A

An instructor wants to demonstrate a technical topic that requires a certain procedure. Which of the following is the BEST way to achieve this?

A. Have the learners brainstorm ideas on the topic.
B. Have the learners role play the topic.
C. Hold an open discussion on the topic.
D. Show the learners via a desktop sharing demonstration.

Answer : D

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