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Some Demo Questions are Here!

Question NO 1,

As a best practice, which of the following should be determined prior to provisioning a
server? (Select TWO).
A. User accounts
B. Group accounts
C. Hostname
D. MAC address
E. Domain name
F. IP address

Answer: C,F

Question NO 2,

A hardware failure affects a server in adatacenter. The server is critical to company
operation, and the hardware vendor is out of stock on the parts needed to repairthe server.
A network technician suggests replacing it with a server from the warm site.Which of the
following should the technician do FIRST?
A. Outsource a hardware-certified courier to move the server to the datacenter.
B. Check the DRP and BCP and talk to the company stakeholders before making the
C. Unrack the server from the warm site and move it to the datacenter.
D. Order the parts from the hardware vendor and notify affected users that the server will
be down.

Answer: B

Question NO 3,

A technician reads a hardware manufacturer’s blog indicating a critical firmware update is
available for the company’s file server. Which of the following is the BEST course of
A. Download and install a firmware update from a centralized server.
B. Download the firmware update and test it on a VM.
C. Download the firmware update and test it on a non-production server.

D. Download the firmware update and run it on the company’s file server immediately.

Answer: C

Question NO 4,

A system administrator needs to directly control a server that has no network connectivity.
Which of the following should be used to accomplish this?

Answer: B


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