SY0-501 Dumps PDF | A security administrator wants to configure a company’s wireless…..

Question 3:

A security administrator wants to configure a company’s wireless network in a way that will prevent wireless clients from broadcasting the company’s SSID. Which of the following should be configured on the company’s access points?

A. Enable ESSID broadcast

B. Enable protected management frames.

C. Enable wireless encryption

D. Disable MAC authentication

E. Disable WPS

F. Disable SSID broadcast

Answer: A

Tricky one! Notice that we want to stop the CLIENTS from broadcasting the SSID. They will typically do this when they don’t see an existing SSID, so they broadcast a request for SSID’s they’ve previously connected to. The question asks what to do on the ACCESS POINTS, so by simply enabling the ESSID (SSID) broadcast, the clients will not have to do any broadcasting themselves.

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