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Some Demo Questions are Here!

Questions No 1,

Which of the following Linux filesystems pre-allocates a fixed number of inodes at
filesystems make/creation time, and does NOT generate them as needed?
A. ext3
B. jfs
C. reiserfs
D. xfs

Answer: A

Questions No 2,

Which of the following command lines would an administrator use to restrict the GNU find
command to searching a particular number of subdirectories?
A. –max-dirs
B. -dirmax
C. -maxdepth
D. -s
E. -n

Answer: C

Questions No 3,

An administrator wishes to kill a process with a PID of 123. Which of the following
commands will allow the process to “clean up” before exiting?
A. kill -1 123
B. kill -9 123
C. kill -15 123
D. kill -17 123

Answer: C

Questions No 4,

Which of the following directories contains additional information about installed packages?
A. /usr/share/documentation
B. /usr/local/share/documentation
C. /usr/local/doc
D. /usr/share/doc
E. /usr/packages/doc

Answer: D


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