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Some Demo Questions are Here!

Question No 1,

A project team has to implement a key part of their solution from an external vendor. After
sending out an RFP, the team has narrowed the possible providers down to three. Which of
the following should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Hold a steering committee meeting to discuss the options
B. Ask the project team to take a vote on the vendor
C. Begin contract negotiations with the lowest offer
D. Contact project stakeholders individually and discuss the RFP

Answer: A

Question No 2,

A widget being built for a construction project has undergone quality review. After the
review, a report is provided showing the frequency of defects with a threshold showing
where the majority of the issues are coming from. Which of the following is the tool being
A. Run chart
B. Pareto diagram
C. Gantt chart
D. Scatter diagram

Answer: B

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Question No 3,

A project starts out as a small three month project. One month into the project, a
stakeholder asks the team for additional functionality, which is estimated to take an
additional three weeks. The project manager implements the functionality while waiting for
approval. This is known as which of the following?

A. Change request
B. Risk

C. Resource constraint
D. Scope creep

Answer: D

Question No 4,

A project manager was informed that a task will be delayed by four weeks. To determine
the impact on the overall project, which of the following will the project manager need to
update FIRST?

B. Risk log
C. Project schedule
D. Scope statement

Answer: C

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